Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Discount Just For our Bloggers

Because we love our bloggers and we appreciate your dedication to reviewing so many authors out there; we have decided to offer you a 30% discount code for all TLT books through our TLT bookstore. As we grow and our selection grows, you will be able to use this on any hardcover, paperback, or eBook we have. We know that bloggers pay out of pocket for most, if not all, the books they give away to their followers and we want to help cut that cost down. Also, for each book sold we will send free bookmarks for your giveaways as well.

All we ask in return is that you do not share your discount code with your followers or friends. This is a discount code only for bloggers. Why? Because you deserve it.

To receive your discount code, go to and write us the following:

  • In subject heading, "Blogger discount please!"
  • In the body of the text please write your name, twitter name, blog site, e-mail, address

That's it! We will then e-mail you your discount code and you can use it anytime, on any book, for how many you want! How awesome is that! Oh, and one more thing. Every book you order will be an autograph book, excluding eBooks because we don't know how to do that yet. :)

Are you interested yet? We hope so! 

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