Why choose The Little Things Publishing, LLC?

TLT Publishing, LLC offers authors the opportunity to become published. We assign editors, designers and marketing professionals to your project. We encourage our authors to be involved in the creative aspect of their cover design and the marketing plan.

We are partnered with printing press companies and nationwide distributors. Since books are sold based on supply and demand, our marketing team will focus on publicizing the book release, book signings and promotional opportunities.

Large publishing companies generally take submissions from literary agents. TLT Publishing accepts submissions with or without a literary agent. We make each and every author a priority.

Submission How-to:

We receive many manuscripts and are committed to reading each and every one. Submissions must be accompanied by a query letter that is no longer than two pages. Please provide the following in your query letter:

1. Include contact information: email address, address and phone number.

2. Manuscript title and approximate number of words.

3. Identify the genre and audience of your book.

4. List other publishing companies that have received your submission.

5. Personal background summary. Include information about your writing background, other published works, groups you are a part of, awards, academic background or anything you feel is pertinent.

6. Why TLT Publishing is the publisher for you.

7. Provide an enticing summary of your manuscript.

8. Proof your manuscript before submitting.

Submit query letter and manuscript to:

Where will my book be available?

TLT Publishing, LLC is partnered with nationwide printing and distribution companies. Your work will be available in all major books stores and online websites such as Barnes and Noble, Hastings, Borders and We guarantee availability of your book at all times. If a vendor runs out of stock we resupply them immediately filling the demand.

How will my book be marketed?

TLT Publishing, LLC will work hard to publicize your book through various marketing strategies. Our marketing team will work with you on a strategic marketing plan.